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sustainable aluminium facades  jaffa

Competition by the Greek Aluminium Association

For the project we chose a high school complex in Jaffa. The primary concept for energy conservation was to use passive energy through shading, natural cross ventilation and thermal stratification techniques to maintain and prolong comfort zone with natural means.

Rather than isolating the building by thermally insulating it, it was designed to be open to outside conditions. Indoor environmental comfort is kept by thoroughly shading the building yet allowing complete openness of windows area, enhancing natural cross ventilation, and at nighttime, when the occupants are absent, winds and thermal stratification principals are used to cool down the structure and improve indoor air quality.

The façade is based on the principal of the common rolling curtain shutters. Instead of the curtain rolling onto itself and into a pocket, the curtain shutters are distanced from the façade and unfold over the openings to create the sun-shading element. When the façade closes down it captures the nighttime winds.

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